Friday, April 27, 2012

I have lost my effing mind!!

Now, I know I have been called crazy before.  I have even called myself crazy, but recently I went clear off the deep end.  I am certifiable!  I signed up to run a half marathon!!  Do you even know how long that is?  13.1 miles.  20 or so K.  What the HELL was I thinking??

Nothing like my fear of failure to motivate me. 

The farthest I have ever run in my life, prior to signing up, was 4 miles.  Lately I have made it to 4.25, but for real, I still have NINE MILES to go.   shit. 

Oh well, I guess I suck it up and keep on running.  Some crazy person has taken over my body with a mission to make it thinner and stronger than it was when they took up residence.

On a completely unrelated note...well not entirely, I am still crazy, I have decided that this month my sister and I will go dress shopping.  DRESS SHOPPING!  What kind of person have I become. 

Yes, it is for her wedding.  Yes, I NEED a dress for the wedding. No, I don't particularly want to go. 

Sacrifices must be made.  So on top of my new obsession with fish, my insane ideas about running, my urge to go dress shopping, and my actually learning to sew,  I have deemed myself utterly unwell and will soon be checking in the Bellvue, or Arkham, whichever is, in fact, closer.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Making of Harley Quinn, Part 1

So, my cousins kid is having a superhero sleepover.  Sounds like a fun idea.  All the kids are going to dress up in superhero pajamas and the adults (some of us) will be dressing as villians.  We are trying to stick to batman villians because they are the most easily recognizable.  I chose to do Harley Quinn (I hate cats, so Catwoman was out lol).  My husband is goin gto be Two-Face.   The kids are going to chase us around all day and basically try to end us.  We are supposed to be pelted with water balloons at the end of the night, so that should be a blast.

Here's the do I become Harley Quinn?  Well, I have a sewing machine.  I have red and black shirts.  I have scissors.  And idea is brewing. 

So today, I cut two shirts in half and sewed them together.  It turned out pretty ok.  Now I think I really can go about making a decent Harley won't be exact, but I think I can manage something resembling her look.  I am pretty excited for it now!

For those of you with no idea, this is Harley Quinn:

Since I am not wearing long sleeves and a full body suit in May in Tx, I am having to modify it.  I am sticking to the color and diamond theme, but am going to try to make a convinceing outfit with what I have and not go to crazy with it.  This is my first EVER sewing project affter all!!

Here is phase one.  I have not decided if I want to hem up the longer shirt, leave it, or maybe cut the bottoms of both shirts into jagged points...any suggestions welcome:

Not a bad start, let me know what you think and where I should go from here....

Friday, April 6, 2012

Fish, frogs and snails.

I have been looking for a fish tank.  I have had almost every animal one can imagine.  I wanted to try my hands at fish.  I think I can do it, but the more I read on it, the more complicated it seems.  I have been looking for an easy set up, tank, stand, accesories....etc.  So, I have looked at petsmart, petco, craigslist.  I simply could not find anything that I wanted in my budget.  

I finally found something!  On craigslist!  I found a 30 gallon tank that has not only all the accessories, but also a boatload of guppies, snails and 2 frogs.  Its very cool.  I got the stand and everything for relatively cheap.  The boys love it!!

I did not really want guppies and snails, but I figure if I can keep them alive for awhile, long enough to get the hang of it, I will move on to more exotic fish.  Thankfully I know a lot of people who are relatively successful at raising fish, so there is a fount of knowledge to be tapped.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Birthday boys

My childrens birthdays are coming up. Carter on the 3rd of April and Jaxon on the 2nd of May.  They will be 3 and 5 respectively.  I am so excited that they are growing up, but I will admit that it is sad too.  Soon they won't be my little babies anymore, but my big boys.  Jaxon will be going to school soon and I will be teaching Carter all his colors (which he knows most of) and how to tell which letters are which.  They are both so freaking smart.

I hate the whole idea of birthdays and parties, but I want these days to be special for them.  I want to give them everything they want, when I really have no idea what that is.  They don't need toys, they don't play with the ones they have usually.  They both have about 5 that they love, and thats not going to change with new toys.  What they really love is to socialize, so I guess thats the reason for the parties.

I always feel bad because, since thier birthdays are about a month apart, I just wait until mid April and have a party for both at once.   I feel like this is kind of cheating them out of thier special day, but in fairness, we do cupcakes and a few little gifts on thier actual birthdays.  So I guess that makes up for it.

We will be spending Tuesday, Carters birthday, at the park. I see a lot of running, screaming kids just having a good time.   I suppose that is really the important thing.  I shall have to ask to see what Jaxon wants to do on his birthday.  He will probably want the park too.  They are so easy to please.   We are going to have the big party at a park as well.  It just seems to work out better that way. 

One day I would love to have a house big enough, and enough land, to host a great party for them.  Maybe by the time they are old enough to enjoy football we will have enough room for an improptu field to play on.  Time will tell I suppose