Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bad luck

I have had the worst luck lately.  It seems like nothing goes in my favor.  I broke my luck necklace and that may be the cause.  After the sunburn and the radiator hose in my car exploding, I have ruined about 3 shirts with my clumbsiness.  I can't sleep, ever.  I have bruises in places I didn't think it was even possible to get bruises.  Tonight, I was trying to take my sister and kids to see my mom and grandma, and the same damn jeep we just fixed died on me.  Just quit.  I was so ticked.  I spent 3 hours on the side of the road with my kids trying to figure it out.  I still never did.  So for the second times in as many weeks I have had to leave my jeep sitting on the side of the road, unrunning.  I am missing precious time with my grandmother, who has demetia and is slowly forgetting everything.  I feel like I am missing out on some of the best times we have left.  It is incredibly frustrating to keep pushing and pushing and getting nowhere.  It's like running head first into a brick wall repeatedly.  I am hoping to break through soon, but I feel like I am going nuts here.  So much stress!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I went tanning for the first time in my life the other day.  It was pretty relaxing, howeer, the parts of me that don't normally get tan got FRIED!  Let me just say that haveing your ass burnt is less than pleasant.  Of course, by today most of the redness on my body is now a pretty golden tan.  I can see that once I figure out the timing (and how to get some of the places I missed), this is going to be pretty sweet.  No ridiculously white legs for me this year!!  I may actually be able to wear shorts without blinding the general population.

I think I forgot to tell about my dress search adventure with my sister and mom.  It was pretty awesome to say the least.   First, I found a Jamba Juice!!  I was so excited.  I've not had a Razzmatazz smoothie since I left Monterey back in '01.  Then I noticed that right next to the bridal place there was a giant music store.  So, since I was ridiculously early as always, I went in and hung out.  Very cool.  To top it off, my sister picked the third dress she tried on, which ruled, because I hate dress shopping.

I didn't get to get my tattoo cuz we ran out of time, but I did find some pretty cool boots.  So, I guess in the end that day was a win too.  I am sure that Ryan is tired of me spending all my money on new clothes!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Dresses, ick

Tomorrow, oh who am I kidding, later today, I am going shopping....for a dress.....with my sister.  I HATE dresses, almost as much as I hate shopping.  I have to spend all day looking at things I don't care to much about. At least my mom and sister will be around, so at least it will be funny.  I'm sure it will not be near as bad as I think it is going to be.  Hopefully we will be able to carve out an hour or two to visit the tattoo parlor.  That will make the whole thing worthwhile, lol.

Been doing a lot of reading lately. Reading some newer books.  I had been in a classics phase, which is good, because there are so many great older books out there.  Now I have to get caught up on newer ones.  It is intersting to note the differences in the two, but also how similar they can be.  Now, I am tired.  I will probably not be able to sleep, but I'm going to give it that old college try.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A day of riches

I was excited to see that I got my money for school today.  My GI money is basically like free income, so I love when it comes in.  Got a huge sum today, so I decided to catch up on some bills and get some credit cards payed down.  It is real nice being caught up.  I also decided to do a little shopping.  I was in desperate need of clothes, pants especially.  I went to the store and bought myself two pairs of jeans, which doesn't sound like much, but I can make 2 pairs last awhile.  Then I bought Ryan two new pairs of shorts, because when summer comes, he lives in them!  Then I went a little crazy buying the boys clothes.  They got shorts and shirts, which is good because they were short on both.  Don't know what happened to all the kid clothes I used to have!! 

Anyways, we went to eat, because we were starving and Jaxon had to have Chinese.  It was great.  Then we went and bought Ryan and I new bikes, which I am STOKED about.  I love riding my bike, but the one I had is a bit run down and not in very good shape.  So, now I can't wait to ride it, only it supposed to be crazy windy and rainy for the rest of the week.  DOH!!!

Oh, the best part about all of this, we got to do all this running around in a practically brand new 2011 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab.  My hubs traded in his car for a truck.  The truck he bought had not even hit the lot yet, so they said they would need to keep it, clean out the plugs, change the tires, detail it, and replace a few items he pointed out.  So they have had it for the last few days.  They gave him a loaner, a 2010 Chrystler Sebring, which was AWESOME to drive, but he told them he really needed the truck because he was helping my cousin fix a they said, cool, we will loan you a truck.

Now I don't think he want's to give it back!!  Lol, so anyways, I had, and then spent a lot of money today, but it is worth it to live like a celebrity for a day.