Sunday, August 4, 2013

Crafty things

Tonight I am embarking on yet another adventure of epic proportions.  You see I have this room. At first it was basically a catch all for the crap I couldnt find a place for when we moved into our house. Then it became a guest room of sorts. A nice bed in there, a closet, dresser, perfect for the visitors we so rarely have.
Next, I adopted a dog that had to be quarantined from my other dogs, so it became "Betties room" while she overcame her infection and went through her heartworm treatment. Needless to say, she was bored. She ate the bed. Yes, thats right, ate the bed (and about 100 dollars worth of DVD's).
When we were finally able to spring Bettie from the backroom, it became a "foster room" for our foster kitte s who also had to be quarantined, and were not quite dog ready.
Finally, the kittens have gone to adoptions and I have big ideas for the room. I fully intent to turn it into an idea center/craft room. Im going to set up a sewing table, shelves for stuff, jars fkr beads, a computer work center, etc...seriously huge plans.  Today I started the journey by cleaning up after the kitte s (which in itself is a BIG job. Little cats make huge messes!)  
My next step is to refurbish the old dresser my brother left me into a usable storage/work table. I intend to paint it and make a few modifications. Next ia organization and a bit of moving and shuffling of things. Im really hoping to have it up and running by the end of the year. Or better yet, mostly finished by then. Even my husband is helping chip in ideas. I think he sees the possibilities the same as I do. It will be a good space to work. So here, attached, are a few pictures of the very humble beginnings of my craft room and the dresser in its original form.