Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Declaration of Love

Today, October 9th, is my best friends birthday.  I never dreamed I would have such a great friend in all my life.  As a military brat and then military myself, people in my life come and go.  I do manage to get close to a few, but a lot of my friends I keep at a distance because I have learned that things change.  Even my very best friend, Parker, is not one I speak to often, but that is the beauty of our friendship.  I don't have to, nor do I have to worry about it.  Maybe that is selfish of me, but that is the kind of friendship I need.

We have been through a lot, Parker and I.  Deaths, births, and a couple of awesome surprise visits.  Together we have remained sisters in the world of chaos.  Our dynamic never changes.  We have grown up, lived close, lived far, married, and added, repeatedly, to our families.  No matter what happens in our lives, we always end up being those two crazy kids, who at 15 just happened to sit next to each other in a class that neither of us really wanted to be in! 

No matter how long we are apart, how great the distance, or what troubles we go through in our lives, I know that we are there for each other.  We may not be up on the most current of events for each other, but really that stuff is trivial anyways.  What matters is that when we see each other, she is the one person I can just talk to, like we never stopped our previous conversation.  She has accepted me for all my crazy weirdness, my harsh attitude, my brutal honesty, hatred of just about everything and my need for reassurance.  She has never doubted me and I've never doubted her.  She has never given me reason to mistrust her, and has always been there when I've fallen.  I have been her rock and she has been mine....numerous times.  I don't know what I'd do without her and her amazing family.  A family that has always accepted me as one of thier own.  Sisters I would do anything for (and have, I might add).  A mom that is always so giving and gracious, kind, funny, and LOUD, lol. 

There is never a dull moment with these ladies and I am thankful for it.  I love them all and I cannot wait to see them again!! 

I just basically wanted to say, Happy Birthday, Parker.  I love you, and always will.

Of course you won't read this because your ass is not on facebook and I don't have your email, but I know your awesome family will come through for me here!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Continuing Camo

So I haven't done to much work on my camo project. Things keep coming up. Really there is not to much left to do. I have gotten the inside painted. I went with solid black inside simply because it seemed the way to go. I have also done the base coat green on all 5 of them. They are ready for the actual camouflage paint but that's probably the most time consuming and will mean I will have to do one at a time. I may work a bit on that today. After that I will simply need to individualize each one and put on a clear/seal cost. They are gonna be pretty awesome I think.

Friday, October 5, 2012

My Journey Through the Valley of the Dead

I have been sick.   Very sick.  I have been layed up for about a week.  I am tired, week and not at all pretty so look at. 

This isn't the cutesy, red-nosed, mussed-up hair, whiney sick you see on tv.  I really though I was dying.  It was messy and gross, and not at all pleasant. 

My kids have been sick on and off all weekend, and somehow that translates to me being virtually bedridden for an entire week.  I had to call off work Monday, thinking, "ok, one day won't hurt, I don't go in until Wednesday, I'll have time to recover and get back at it."  

HA!  I did lay up Monday, I even had to have Ryan leave work at a half day so that he could care for either me or the children (at that point, I didn't care which, I just wanted to die).  Needless to say, he came home and I slept.  And slept, and slept.....dead to the world. 

Tuesday-- I felt a bit better.  I still had a pounding headache, but the hubs brought me soup so I figured I'd have a crack at it.  I ate some soup, it stayed where I put it....major improvement.  I was all but ready to get back at it the next day.  Go back to work, earn some money, buy some concert tickets...you know, awesome, good things.

Wednesday--Yeah, I went back to work.  BAD IDEA.  I felt nauseated almost from the minute I got up.  I was pale, shaking, sweaty...terrible.  I trudged through and finished the day and then suffered in my chair until it was time for the boys to go to bed.  Then I lay in my own bed, slowly wasting away in a puddle or sicky sweat, again wishing I were dead.

Thursday--I wasn't dead.  I suppose thats a good thing, but really, I could have gone with dead. I would have been ok with that.  To bad, I was still in the land of the living.  I was not quite as sweaty, pale, and weak, but I was dehydrated and it felt like there was a battle raging in my stomach.   Out of curiousity, I dragged myself out of bed and checked my weight (I'm trying to learn how my body reacts to things).  I was down 6 lbs.   SIX POUNDS!!??  That is six pound of sheer dehydration.  No food, no water, no movement.  That was everything I had stored up to make my muscles work. No wonder I feel so terrible.  I resolved to eat something and drink as much water as possible.
1 liter of water and one meager grape later, I'm back in bed, wishing for death.  I did manage to change the sheets and shower though, so that was a plus.

Friday--  I'm still alive.  Truth be told, I feel much better.  My headache is gone, I've already had 1 liter of gatorade and am working on a second.  I have gained back 4 pounds of water weight which is good.  I inhales one of those Cambell Chunky soup things, so my appetite is back.   I still have the gurgles but I think I might live.  Then I find out its going to be 54 degrees tomorrow.  54, really?  It's 83 right now---Yeah, thats a 30 degree drop.   Then it's supposed to shoot back up to almost 90 by weeks end.  I have a feeling I am not finished with my journey through this valley of death.  I've got my fingers crossed though.